Hope this email finds you well.
As you may recall, yesterday it was PRIME III Grant
applicationsapplications’ closing date. Luckily, six institutions have applied. According to our timeline, we are finally entering into the process of “Evaluate proposals and select recipient”.

This morning we have shared the list of applicants with FCD for the first screening
onof applicants’ eligibility. In parallel, we kindly need your support as Chair of the CSET to confirm applicants’ eligibility based on the Bidders' self-certification form. Here you can see the link to access to the folder with all applications.

As soon as FCD comes back to us, we will extend you the cleared list of applicants in case any institutions do not pass. Kindly let us know if you can have a response by next Monday 11.

We will ask other members of the CSET to read the applications before our meeting on Wednesday 13.

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