Dear Iain,
I am sorry for my late reply, but I needed time to think.
1040eur€1,040 is the salary per month without taxes and all other things, so that is net salary. To be honest with you, Tea did not mention any other things, like regres or malica. So,, so I sent an email to her for those details and she has answered me.
I searched and found that
accomodationaccommodation in Nova Gorica is not cheap (in the best case, around 500€500 eur without bills) and if I think about some necessary things for which I need to have money. When, when I calculate all thingseverything, with all my previous knowledge and all my desire to learn new things, my net salary will be 1600-1700€1,600 - 1,700 eur per month. However, but mythe minimum salary which I willwould be satisfied with is 1500€1,500 eur per month.
Again, I am sorry again for my late reply and I really appreciate your effort.
I hope for good news from you.
Thank you so much in advance.
Best regards,

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