Dear Asher,

I am writing to you with one small concern
,. I realiserealised yesterday that I can not open anymoreno longer open our generic e-mailemail.
Its understandably I understand that I am not a staff representatives, andrepresentative so I don'tno longer have any more accessaccess to the email, but out of curtesycourtesy it will bewould have been nice if, who ever asked IT to remove my name, to informhad informed me that my name willwas going to be removed and givehad given me some time to save my emails, which I would have likeliked to save.
As wellAlso, it will bewould have been nice if the person who informed IT, copy and paste tohad copied me as well sameon the email, thatso I would know what's going on. We also can not forget that I was a personthe one who initiateinitiated this action, the others probably didn't get anthe idea.

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