Love is a hellish, torturous fire; it burns with a passion that never tires. itIt consumes the soul, leaving us torn and broken and our hearts in shards and our love unspoken. Love is a pain, a constant ache; it's a never-ending cycle we can't escape. it'sIt's a curse, a disease that eats away leaving us empty, lost, alone, and grey. We try to run, we try to hide, but love always finds us. it'sIt's always by our side. itIt haunts and taunts us, and won't let us be. we'reWe're trapped in its grasp: it's a prison, can't you see.see? Love is a misery, a constant strife; it cuts us deep and it wound our life. itIt leaves us bleeding, broken, and scarred. loveLove is a battle we can't disregard. We try to fight, we try to win, but love always conquers. it'sIt's always within, and it's a war we can't win. weWe can't defeat love, for it is a hell, a torment, a beat.

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