Respected Sir,

I am writing you this email so that I can tell you
that what kind of problems we face when we go to the base kitchen. The first problem is that when we go to the base kitchen, iI need one staff member and if tookI take one with me there will be shortage of staff membermembers at the food truck. The second, problem is there is no one to support us in the base kitchen because they too are facing a staff shortage issue.if If I go alone then it is not possible for me to segregate products from -18 degree and it load itthem in toto boxes.from last one For the past month and a half month we are doing this workhave been working without giving any excuses but now somewhere it is becoming very hectic for us, I request you to solve itfix this as soon as possible and find thea permanent solution for this.

iI spoke to Himanshu sir relatedabout the shifting of items to the nearest chiller so he is havinghas the ready shift location ready, but he is not getting any conformationconfirmation from your side.

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