I currently sit at a 2.1 handicap averaging just over 30 putts per round. I got a late start on the sport which motivates me daily to practice and become a better version of myself on and off the course. This summer being my first playing golf, I put in extensive hours of practice, going to my local course for 6 to 8 hours daily working on all aspects of my game. My hard work last summer resulted in me dropping over 23 strokes in my handicap. As I enter my second summer of highly competitive tournaments, I look to continue the same work ethic I had last summer putting countless hours into the game. With weekly lessons from a Hall of Fame PGA Profesional.Professional, I plan to play in at least 12 competitive tournaments this summer, many of them being multiple-day events, and to have at least a +1 handicap by the end of this summer.

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