There are many benefits of exercise for the human body, as it isas reflected in his physical, psychological, and social health as well.

Exercise plays a vital role in modern contemporary society
, and it is one of the most important activities that everyone should practice as a way ofin their life and permanentlyconstantly. Also, exercise is food for the soul and body. Therefore, itexercise is always recommended to exercise for adults and children.

What are the health
effectsbenefits of the exercise?
There are three healthy effects to
exerciseexercising: physical, mental, and social health.

InWith physical health, exercise controls weight, combats health conditions and diseases, enhance exercisesenhances better sleep, strengthenstrengthens the muscles of the body and increaseincreases their ability to endure, improve theimproves body shape of the body and its general appearance.

The social benefits of exercise , enhance family relationships. between family members, the exerciseExercise increases social intelligence, helps build friendships and social relationships, teaches people to respect laws, foundations and systems, Andand exercise helps reduce a person's craving for alcohol, drug use and cigarette smokingcigarettes.

Exercise (sport) has become an open arena for competition and creativity
. This means that exercise is not just a hobby , but can be used for personal benefits as well as professional benefits. Either way, it benefits the body, mind and spirit.

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