Dear Ahmad,
I hope this mail finds you well
I am writing in reference to our
discusstiondiscussion about the features needneeded to be addadded on our demo.
Materials Materials and Hardware required:
• Handled PC
• RFID Ship.
Steps Steps and Procedures:
Create Create a small program to just include login page and another page to create a new sheep.
Sheep Sheep creation to have some information like: Gendergender, Ageage, Farmfarm, and other information as needed.
*The rest of information available on “Add New Sheep” snapshot.

The The field “SHIP Number” will be fetched from RFID Ship by Handled PC.

After Click After clicking on “Create” button.: A new field called “Sheep Number” will be created with the following notitionnotation: “City Abbreviation + Farm Number + 5 digits integer number”.
*On our demo
. Wewe need a static number, ‘IRBD’+’654’+’22331’ since the city abbreviation and Farmfarm number are not available yet.

Based on
the above requirements, Pleaseplease provide us with an estimated time of completion.

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