Hi Mr Achraf,

Thank you so much for your answer, I understand that you're looking for a candidate with
a previous experience in the HR department.

whenWhen I was a student, I was in charge of interviewing and selecting new clubsclub members, and always took the initiative to attract new talents.

My current job as a marketer
, will serve me in my future carreercareer, by understanding people's needs.

I wanted to ask you about your own job experience
, because I'm preparing for a professional retraining,. I'm looking for opportunities to learn more skills and know howknow-how in that field, in order to enrich the knowledge I had in business school.

I'll be happy to become a part of your team when my profile will fit your job description.

If you don't mind
, can you tell me what are the online courses you recommend so that I can have a practical training?

Best regards

Fadwa El Filali

Marketing and

Preparing for a job retraining
Inin HR.

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