I have worked for many years in this field and and have enjoyed most of my years. I believe a console operator is a very important job. The hourhours can be long but there are always challenges if you look for them. One of the things I enjoy the most is working with new engineers just out of college and ready to change the world. There has been a common saying with operatoroperators that every time a new engineer shoesshows up they have the same ideas as all the engineers in the past and we just tell them it won't work. My arochapproach to a brand new engineer is to listen to what their idea to improve unit operations is aboutall about. Even if I think anthe idea wont help unit operations, I will try it if it doesn't cause an upset condition. By working with the new engineer they will watch the unit closely and get a better understanding of unit operations. theThe young engineers are very sharp and learn fast. The sooner you help them come up to speed on unit operations, the faster they can help you run your units.

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