Hi Alok,

Good morning. I had
2two rounds of interviewinterviews on Friday and another one is scheduled onfor today. I will do my best.

I thought
of sharingI would share a few additional data points.

Attached is my org's direct reports feedback on me in Amazon, and also job satisfaction number (Maximum score is 5).

I have inherited an additional team in May 2021. You can
see the score was very good until May 2021 (first attachment). I worked hard with the new team and its manager and brouhgthave brought up the score better now (second attachment).

You can also see some of the interesting
feedbacks ifeedback I received from peers (attached below) and also directs.

I have published papers with good citations, that will help in
doordashDoorDash blog writings if iI get onboarded.

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