About Hopper
Hopper factory was established in 1998
, and from here the company started in men's shoes, of outstanding quality in shoe manufacturing.
High-quality products were produced in the manufacture of
productionthese products.
You erect the finishing materials.
We also advance the inner lining of natural leather to absorb
, and see the use of shoes for the longest working hours without fatigue, asso it is actually, and medically, comfortable for the person from thefor their feet
Brushes of the type that contain a number of moles
How to care for shoes after use
Every type of shoe has its own way of cleaning and maintaining
There are different types
Bacon smouse leather in casual shoes
Cleaning methods
You use the brush like a clothes brush.
Natural leather, using cans of varnish available in the market, paint, and after that, it is recommended to use natural leather.

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