afterAfter observing the vichelevehicle for more than 5 minuteminutes, I approached the driver, asking if he had paid for the items already. heHe then stated that he was waiting on a customer to pay for the items, he's just picking them up. I then returned to my station where I proceeded with my activities, still keeping a watchful on the vichelevehicle and the drive adriver. A few minuteminutes later, aan individual was seen instructing the driver to leave the premises . I approached him, asking for the recieptreceipt and for him to park properly, due to the fact that the vichele vehicle was now Crosswayacross the road, attempting a turn to exit the back Gate upongate. Upon reviewing the receipt, it was then I pointed out tothe error to geum whohim, and the intern accompanied the customer back to the cashier.

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