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I'm in my twenties now, but I kept a diary on and off since I was fourteen. What I like best about a diary is that, unlike a blog, nobody but you will ever read it. That means you can be completely honest in it! The other day, I found one of my diaries from my teenaged years while I cleaned out the attic. I had wrapped it in clothes and hidden it in an old suitcase. (I was going to great lengths to make sure nobody ever found my diaries!) The entry for May 15th
, 2005, which was my sixteenth birthday, read, 'I“I am now officially grown up, but I still can't learn to drive! Who invents these rules?!!!'rules?!!!” Then I remembered that I'veI was always complainedcomplaining about something at that age! It was so funny that, once I was starting reading it, I couldn't stop.

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