To: Department Managers

From: Aaron Alexander <>

Subject: Upcoming Interviews

Attachment: CV1, CV2, CV3

For some time our management team has been thinking about hiring several interns. We decided to offer compensation to the interns in our internship program because in two fields (computer science and information systems) interns are usually paid, which is the norm. However, you may be disappointed to learn that we can offer only three internships.

In working with our nearby state university
, we have narrowed the field to six excellent candidates. These six candidates will be interviewed. This, and this is to inform you that you are invited to attend three interviewing sessions for these student candidates. Your presence is required at these sessions to help us avoid making poor selections.

Mark your calendars for the following three
times. Thedates: first meeting is 3 May in the conference room. The, the second meeting is 5 May in Officeoffice 22 (the conference room was scheduled). On, and on 9 May we can finish up in the conference room. All of the meetings will start at 2:00 p.m. In view of the fact that your projects need fresh ideas and talented new team members, I should not have to urge you to attend and be well prepared.

Please examine all the candidates' CVs and send me your ranking lists.

Aaron Alexander

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