Can I get the car fixed by today? I'm not sure, but from the youtubeYouTube videos I've whatched ,watched the sounds might comebe coming from bad pulley beringsbearings. If you're not sure about that please schedule a repair ASAP. I don't want to waste my time seatingsitting there. I want to get everything fixed all at once. Aside from the noise, the navigation screen turned off and went back on after a few seconds while driving, and Airbagthe airbag message indicator was on . I'm really upset that the problems have happened right after I bought the car, and I'm nervous to drive the car because I don't know ifwhether the car is safe or not. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and trust you will have the mechanics fix everything I've told you fixedabout. .There are too many thing to be fixed so I'll text you the list of the thingsthings that I've mentioned.

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