henThen God setsaid, He'll provide!
Before our retreat our church
Pastorpastor told us that we couldn'twouldn't be able to join because they wantwanted us to be with them and have time . To be honest, I was heartbroken that time because I was really excited to metmeet my fellow missionaries and travel away from Seoul. But duringat the last minute, our Youth Director told us that the decision by our Church Pastor was changechurch pastor had been changed and they allowallowed us to join the retreat. We stayed in Jinbo church and met the church pastor, who was a senior 1000 missionary. God had already prepareprepared the way for us and would provide anything we needneeded. We arewere so blessed to metmeet the warm brethren who taketook good care of us and welcomewelcomed us. We also met the 11th batch of the Compass Missionary and sharingshared each wonderful testimony and prayingprayed together before we departed.Trully Truly we can always trstifytestify God's faithfulness to his missionaries. We don't havehave the money to tour somethose beautiful and famous places in Gangneung but we have a Father in Heaven who is a great provider.
We would
to like to thank our very own youth director for being with us. Your dedication and love to your missionaries areis really appreciated.

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